Friday, December 5, 2008

Subway Weight Loss

There is one person that has gained a lot of popularity and his name is Jared Fogle. He is responsible for promoting what was labeled as a "Subway Diet". The promise of this subway weight loss plan is that with 2 sandwiches per day will aid you lose a lot of weight. Jared Fogle was able to lose around 245 pounds in one year, all with little exercise involved.

The actual Subway Weight Loss diet is very simple. The beginning of the day is simply a coffee and then lunch is made out of the six-inch sub sandwich combined with potato cheeps. Pay attention that every element of the diet has to be out of the low fat Subway menu and finish the day with dinner in the form of a veggie sub of 12 inches. As you can easily se, we are talking about a very simple diet plan.

Now many individuals have followed this Subway Weight Loss diet and maybe some had success. We are quite sure that most did not. We think that the diet that Jared promotes is simply a story of personal success. Think about the fact that this man was way over 300 pounds when the diet began. The Subway Weight Loss diet actually created a deficit in the calories he was taking in. He basically ate less than he consumed daily. The reality about the entire story is the fact that the Subway sandwiches had no real impact in weight loss. You too will lose a lot of weight if you simply eat less calories than you consume. Exercising has to be combined with good nutrition and proper rest.

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