Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Tea and Weight Loss

We have heard a lot of people linking green tea and weight loss and the truth of the matter is that green tea can aid you lose weight. To make it even more interesting, some weight loss supplements on the market today include green tea extract. Why is that?

There are a lot of proven benefits of drinking green tea. In fact, we have over 2,000 studies that have been performed in the past. We are not only talking about green tea but all its components as well. Since so many studies have been performed, there must be something in the middle, right? Why do we see green tea put into so many fat burners?

First of, one source for caffeine is green tea extract. It is sometimes preferred in fat burners as a replacement for caffeine, which is well known as a good enough fat burner. Also, green tea and weight loss form a good relationship as green tea is an anti-oxidant. It basically can work like Vitamin C. Some studies have even pointed out that ingredients in green tea can be a lot more powerful than regular oxidants.

To make it even better, green tea can also work as glucose regulator. This means that it slows the speed at which blood sugar rises after you eat. There are even studies that have concluded that green tea is an important addition to glucose management. It will also aid you in increasing metabolic rate. This will make calorie burning faster.

At the end of the day, green tea and weight loss do go well hand in hand. The truth is that green tea has a lot more positive effects on your body and can directly affect losing weight. You will not lose weight at an incredible rate but it will improve the speed at which you do. It is always recommended to drink some green tea, one cup per day can make a huge impact on your diet.

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