Thursday, September 4, 2008

4 Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight

You should be aware of the fact that a lot of things go into gaining and losing weight. The truth is in most cases the one fact that stops you from losing weight is one element that makes you gain weight. Let us take a look at the 4 most common reasons why people find it hard to lose weight.

Poor Eating and Not Enough Exercise

This is probably the most common element out there. You simply can not lose weight just by reducing calorie intake. You do need a good eating plan and enough exercise in order to reach your goal of dropping pounds. In USA you will notice that most citizens do not get enough exercise to burn the calories they take in daily. This basically means putting on weight and there is no way around that.

If you want to maintain your weight you do need around 30 minutes of daily cardiovascular workouts. This includes playing with kids, washing your car, walking and so on. If you are looking to lose weight you do require at least 60 minutes of cardio daily. The start to creating any program to lose weight should be focused on an examination of what you are eating. We recommend that you keep a diary for this purpose and always look at the nutritional labels on products so that you know how many calories you take in. This includes minerals, vitamins, sugars and fat. You do need to eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Do not go over your daily calorie intake levels.

Syndrome X

When one talks about Syndrome X he is referring to a metabolic disorder. Statistics showed that one in 4 Americans suffer from it and is characterized as leading to diabetes and cardiovasular disease if not treated. People suffering from Syndrome X are insulin resistant. Every time we eat insulin is released in order to help glucose reach the cells where it is efficiently burned. If insulin resistance is the case the cells do not allow entry of glucose. Because it has nowhere to go it will start building up in our bloodstream. To make it even worse, the liver will also end up pumping more glucose, making everything worse. Extra glucose ends up going to the liver and transforms in fat. Insulin resistance is caused by exercise lack, diets that are too high in carbohydrates and obesity. If you are suffering from Syndrome X you should consult a doctor so that he aids you in your weight loss plans.


So many people neglect the impact of stress on our lives. One of its negative effects is causing weight gain. Whenever you work too much or you basically suffer from too much stress your body will react funny. Your adrenal glands usually end up pumping cortisol on a regular basis. In case you did not realize it, whenever stress disappears you end up looking for food. Cortisol is telling us to eat and in most cases this is too much food. You are basically overeating. Managing stress is the most effective way of avoiding Cortisol surplus and aids you in avoiding weight gain, thus losing weight. You might even want to consider a therapist if you can not handle taking care of stress yourself.


It is always good to test your thyroid gland as it regulates our metabolism. If hormone levels decrease our body slows down and this is called hypothyroidism if it is caused by thyroid hormone. Because of it our cells need less energy and eating normal actually leads to weight gain. Extra calories are transformed into fat. Keep in mind that hypothyroidism can be treated but it is crucial to consult your doctor for this.

Keep in mind that there are other possible problems that can lead to weight gain or simply not being able to lose weight. Nowadays it is quite complicated to maintain that perfect figure and all comes with some sort of sacrifice. Always keep this in mind and stay motivated as it is possible to lose weight in 99% of cases.

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