Sunday, September 28, 2008

What You should NOT Believe about Weight Loss

There are a lot of myths going on in the weight loss industry and you should know them so that you do not believe them. If you want to lose weight you do need to know these facts!

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 1 - Miracle Exercise Machine Burns More Calories

I understand that a lot of individuals are confused when thinking about how many calories they are burning during the day. We go through so many activities that it is hard to understand. Even walking burns calories but that does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight if you walk a lot. The truth is that there is no such thing as a miracle workout machine for weight loss. The number of calories you burn is linked with the effort you put into burning them. If you use the same machine at different intensity levels you will burn a different number of calories.

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 2 - Low Intensity Exercises are Better for Weight Loss

How many times have you noticed people in the gym doing exercises at lower intensity levels? You surely did a lot of times and you should know that they are not burning more calories. We already mentioned above why. A lower intensity workout is just a lower intensity workout!

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 3 - 2-3 Days of Weekly Workout for 30 Minutes is Enough for Weight Loss.

The truth is that such a schedule is better than nothing but it is not enough. Daily exercise is not only better for weight loss but it is important for us to stay healthy. In my view the best possible way to go is weight training for 3-4 days per week and 30 to 60 minutes of DAILY cardio/aerobic exercises.

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 4 - Loosing Fat from 1 Body Part is Possible

You usually hear of this in a connection with a particular exercise that works that body part. In most cases we are talking about abs and various types of crunches. This is not true as you can do thousands of sit-ups or crunches and you will not lose belly fat.

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 5 - You can NOT Lose Weight

There is no such thing! No matter what anyone tells you, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT! The only thing that is different from one person or the other is the rate you can lose weight. To make it worse, one crucial aspect of weight loss stand in you believing that you can do it. Stick to what you are doing and you will reach your goals.

Wrong Weight Loss Fact 6 - An Empty Stomach Means Burning More Fat!

Oh My God - This is so wrong! Contrary to what you might believe, you might hinder your progress if you exercise on an empty stomach. You need energy to work out and if you do not have it then you can not! It is as simple as that! Do not believe all the bull you read as nutrition is highly important to lose weight!

Never believe the facts mentioned above because they are very wrong!

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