Friday, December 12, 2008

Running for Weight Loss

We see that many people run in order to lose weight. This is a very good idea as it can be a great way to drop those extra pounds. A regular individual of around 150 pounds can lose around 100 calories when running one mine. Although rates will vary, it is a good place to start in order to understand the possible benefits that running has on weight loss.

The first thing you have to consider when running for weight loss is that running is not enough. You will need to have a good nutrition plan for this to work. Losing weight always boils down to consuming more calories than you take in. In average, losing one pound means that you will have to burn around 3600 calories. Remember that it is a mistake to eat more in order to compensate for what you burn. This is why a lot of runners can actually gain weight instead of losing it. This is not what you want so you really need to be careful about what you eat and how much you eat.

Running for Weight Loss Has to be Regulate

To put it simple, you can not lose weight if you just run once per week. We recommend daily runs but if that is not possible, try to go for running sessions at least 3 or 4 times every week. The problem is that sometimes it can get boring. What can you do in order to avoid this?

Make Running Challenging

Whenever running for weight loss becomes boring, start putting in some interval training or speed work. This can actually aid you in losing more weight. Contrary to what people might tell you, speed work will burn more in a shorter time period. To make it even better, this also increases muscle mass and will improve the resting metabolism. Thanks to this burning more calories daily is possible.

Remember that in the event that you want to participate at a professional competition, things change. You should work with a nutritionist. If you are only running for weight loss then all should be simple. You can take an mp3 player with you to make you like running even more.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Tea and Weight Loss

We have heard a lot of people linking green tea and weight loss and the truth of the matter is that green tea can aid you lose weight. To make it even more interesting, some weight loss supplements on the market today include green tea extract. Why is that?

There are a lot of proven benefits of drinking green tea. In fact, we have over 2,000 studies that have been performed in the past. We are not only talking about green tea but all its components as well. Since so many studies have been performed, there must be something in the middle, right? Why do we see green tea put into so many fat burners?

First of, one source for caffeine is green tea extract. It is sometimes preferred in fat burners as a replacement for caffeine, which is well known as a good enough fat burner. Also, green tea and weight loss form a good relationship as green tea is an anti-oxidant. It basically can work like Vitamin C. Some studies have even pointed out that ingredients in green tea can be a lot more powerful than regular oxidants.

To make it even better, green tea can also work as glucose regulator. This means that it slows the speed at which blood sugar rises after you eat. There are even studies that have concluded that green tea is an important addition to glucose management. It will also aid you in increasing metabolic rate. This will make calorie burning faster.

At the end of the day, green tea and weight loss do go well hand in hand. The truth is that green tea has a lot more positive effects on your body and can directly affect losing weight. You will not lose weight at an incredible rate but it will improve the speed at which you do. It is always recommended to drink some green tea, one cup per day can make a huge impact on your diet.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Subway Weight Loss

There is one person that has gained a lot of popularity and his name is Jared Fogle. He is responsible for promoting what was labeled as a "Subway Diet". The promise of this subway weight loss plan is that with 2 sandwiches per day will aid you lose a lot of weight. Jared Fogle was able to lose around 245 pounds in one year, all with little exercise involved.

The actual Subway Weight Loss diet is very simple. The beginning of the day is simply a coffee and then lunch is made out of the six-inch sub sandwich combined with potato cheeps. Pay attention that every element of the diet has to be out of the low fat Subway menu and finish the day with dinner in the form of a veggie sub of 12 inches. As you can easily se, we are talking about a very simple diet plan.

Now many individuals have followed this Subway Weight Loss diet and maybe some had success. We are quite sure that most did not. We think that the diet that Jared promotes is simply a story of personal success. Think about the fact that this man was way over 300 pounds when the diet began. The Subway Weight Loss diet actually created a deficit in the calories he was taking in. He basically ate less than he consumed daily. The reality about the entire story is the fact that the Subway sandwiches had no real impact in weight loss. You too will lose a lot of weight if you simply eat less calories than you consume. Exercising has to be combined with good nutrition and proper rest.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weight Loss for Models

We have seen a lot of special products and guides that are labeled as "Weight Loss for Models". People think that fitness models or regular models actually have different secrets that make them look better than others. Well, it is not really like that! Weight Loss is the same for everybody. There is no secret and do not believe what fitness model specialists are telling you.

The only reason why fitness models lose weight easier than you do stands in more knowledge than you have. These men and women are a lot more attentive to their exercise routine and diet. There is no way you can lose weight in a proper manner without a good diet and working out. Weight loss for models is in no way different than weight loss for other sports. We only have minor differences based on specific needs.

Take into account that models also have a lot more money than most people. This means that they eat better foods and can afford better supplements. They can also go to the best gyms and afford to work with the best nutritionists and go to the best gyms. Weight loss for models simply sums up to this. If you want to look like a model you should start learning more about weight loss. Everyone can lose weight but only if it is done right. We recommend reading everything that you can and only from proper sources. Do not believe everything that you are told by fitness model specialists.